Foxetroo is a unique and educational paper craft kit series for children, aged 6 and above, that allows them to bring iconic buildings to life in the form of 3D architectural miniatures. With each kit, kids can have fun and improve their cognitive, fine motor, and spatial visualization skills, as well as develop patience, precision, and an interest in architecture and history.

The Foxetroo kits allow children to learn how architects think about basic shapes and structures when creating buildings. Start by constructing simple 3D solids, such as cubes and cylinders, and then connect them to form a final model. The vibrant graphics enhance the form and make the model easily recognizable as an architectural structure. 

Each Foxetroo kit includes several double-sided blueprint cards, printed on high-quality paper that is perfect for cutting, folding, and gluing, ensuring that the assembled models are strong and durable enough.

The front of the cards showcase the exterior details, such as doors, windows, balconies, and roofs, while the back of the cards provide the guiding lines for cutting and folding.

Each Foxetroo kit comes in a double pack, so you can either make two identical models or have a backup set of parts just in case. 

All the cards needed to build your model are housed in a convenient pocket-sized package. The instructions and diagrams on the inside of the cover make it easy to assemble your model. You don't need any special tools, just grab your scissors, a pen, a ruler, and a quality glue stick.

All the parts of the kit, including the packaging, are made from materials that are safe for kids, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Plus, they meet all the necessary industry standards, like EN71, ASTM F963, and CPSIA 2008 safety requirements.

Foxetroo kits are perfect for parents and kids to work on together or for older kids to tackle on their own as they think like architects and develop their spatial reasoning skills.

Recommended for kids 6 and up. 6 to 10 year olds may need some adult help.

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